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Welcome to the Big Green Egg, the Original American Designed Ceramic Cooker. Derived from an ancient clay cooker called a "kamado," the modern Big Green Egg has undergone many improvements since it was introduced in 1974. Especially significant is replacement of the clay used in early models with durable space-age ceramics developed specifically for Big Green Egg to make the EGG® virtually indestructible under ordinary cooking conditions.

We have become the world's largest producer and international distributor of ceramic kamado-style cookers. You can be sure that your investment in the
Big Green Egg is protected by a reliable company with more than 30 years of experience and an impeccable reputation for offering top quality products and excellent customer service. Look for the Big Green Egg logo on the lid and you'll be rewarded with a lifetime of easy, convenient cooking and superb eating!

The EGG is a unique barbecue product, with unmatched flexibility and capabilities that surpass all other conventional cookers combined. It is a smoker, a grill and an oven and you can cook literally any food on it year around, from appetizers to entrees to desserts.


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Updated Prices as of August 2012

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Big Green EGG with Nest & Mates


Eggs code msrp
XLarge Heavy Duty Big Green Egg AXLHD 1199.00
Large Heavy Duty  Duty Big Green Egg ALHD 849.00
Medium Heavy Duty  Duty Big Green Egg AMHD 659.00
Small Heavy Duty  Duty Big Green Egg ASHD 559.00
Mini Heavy Duty  Duty Big Green Egg ALGE 329.00

Big Green EGG with Nest & Mates

Mini Green EGG with stand


Egg Nests & Mates code msrp
Nest for AXLHD NEST-XL 177.95
Nest for ALHD NEST-L 158.95
Nest for AMHD NEST-M 140.49
Nest for ASHD NEST-S 137.95
Stand for ALGE or Chimenea CHIMS 46.49
Trailer Hitch for EGG HITCH 949.95
XL Nest Handler NHXL1 110.49
Large Nest Handler (Nest w 4 wheels) NHL1 98.95
Large Nest Handler (Nest w 3 wheels) NHL2 98.95
Medium Nest Handler NHM1 98.95
EGG Shelves for AXLHD (set of 2) ESXL 143.95
EGG Shelves for ALHD (set of 2) ESL 143.95
EGG Shelves for AMHD (set of 2) EML 143.95
EGG Shelves for ASHD (set of 2) ESS 143.95
EGG Shelf middle for AXLHD ES3XL 82.95
EGG Shelf middle for ALHD ES3L 82.95


Big Green EGG with Nest & 3 Shelves

3Tier Shelves


Eggcessories code msrp
BGE Premium Natural Charcoal (20lbs) CP 24.95
BGE Premium Natural Charcoal (10lbs) CP10 14.95
Temperature Gauge Precision 750 TPT 31.95
Ash Tool for XL EGG ATXL 15.95
Ash Tool for Large & Medium EGG AT 12.95
Ash Tool for Small & Mini EGG AS 12.95
Grill Gripper GG 12.95
EGG Ash Pan EAP 19.95
Electric Charcoal Lighter (600 watt) HL 39.95
Instant Fire Starter (12 boxes per case) FS24 6.95
Porcelain Rack Cleaner PRC 9.95
Big Green EGG Rack Cleaner BBRC 26.95
BGE Pigtail Meat Flipper PIGTAIL 21.95
EGGcelerator EC 119.95
Remote Smoker Thermometer ET-732 79.95
Pocket Thermometer PT-12 31.49
Digital Thermometer  ******* DT 40.95
Instant Read Digital Thermometer ****** IRT 34.95
Meat Thermometer (stick & stay traditional) M 9.45
Meat Thermometer (instant read & remove) MP 8.95
Big Green EGG Flexible Skewers FW 14.95
BGE Mitt MIT 12.95
18" BGE Platter PLATTER 39.95


Ceramics code msrp
Plate Setter for XL EGG PSXL 111.49
Plate Setter for Large EGG PSL 66.49
Plate Setter for Medium EGG PSM 59.95
Plate Setter for Small EGG PSS 46.49
Flat Baking Stone for XL EGG BSXL 79.95
Flat Baking Stone for Large EGG BSL 49.95
Flat Baking Stone for Medium EGG BSM 39.95
Half Moon Baking Stone for XL EGG HMBSXL 51.95
Half Moon Baking Stone for Large EGG HMBSL 49.95
2" Large Fire Ring for Large (use with 3 tier system) 2LFR 58.95

Vinyl Covers code msrp
XL EGG Ventilated Cover (AXLHD in nest) HXLVC 101.95
Large EGG Ventilated Cover (AXLHD in nest) BLVC 105.95
Large & Medium EGG Ventilated Cover HLVC 99.95
Medium EGG Cover HMVC 87.49
Small EGG Ventilated Cover HSVC 80.95
XL EGG Table Cover HXLTC 119.95
Long Table Ventilated Cover HLTCL 109.49
Compact Table Ventilated Cover HCTCL 98.49


Wood Tables Cypress code msrp
XL EGG Table - Long (60.5"L x 31.5"W x 32"H) YXL4 719.95
Large EGG Table - Long (59.5"L x 24.5"W x 32"H) Y5TAB 479.95
Large EGG Table - Long with 4 wheels Y5TAB4 574.95
Large EGG Table Compact (41"L x 24.5"W x 32"H) Y5TABC  
Large EGG Table Compact with 4 wheels Y5TABC4 479.95
Large EGG Table Lattice with 4 wheels L5TAB4 599.95
Large EGG Table - Stainless Top for Lattice Table L5TSS 229.95
Medium EGG Table - Long with 4 wheels Y3TAB4 549.95
Medium EGG Table - Compact with 4 wheels Y3TABC4 479.95

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